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B.L.M* has been proven to create a stress free environment for the brain. Without stress, anyone can concentrate. 

Relieves stress 24/7/365

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B.L.M* has been around for sometime, and is often a slow, deep and powerful sound often composed and played by famous musicians from yesteryear. It is very hard to find.

(Boston accent, Pittsburgh accent.)

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(Cleveland accent.)

Find a quiet place to listen our largo music. Then find a noisey place and do the same thing. Is there any difference? After awhile, you wont need the music. 

Baroque Largo Music (B.L.M)* - you're experiencing it now! 

This is sometimes seen as the perfect speed for maximum affect and enjoyment. This music is very difficult to play for any musician. 

 Burke ReSearch, Hippocampae Division

​​​​​​Discover the magic and power of Baroque Largo Music* along side us here at the Hippocampus. Learn about how B.L.M* affects the brain and improves your results in any discipline... just by experiencing the music quietly.

It's a classic

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