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Burke ReSearch, Offices In other citys:

Cleveland, Ohio

Stuart, Florida

Phone:     +1 (607) 821-2304      24/7/365

E-mail: amps18@gmail.com

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TO OUR LISTENERS: Please Enter a contest to design a
signature for all The HIPPOPOW'R HIPPOS! 
Send in your name idea, (written and designed any way you wish,) and declare which hippo the name belongs to! Join us in naming all of our hippos for a chance to win a prize!     

If one of your signatures is selected for our hippos, you will win a box of sky lanterns! Click Here!

Get in Touch

    Be sure to tell us which of our hippos was your favorite! What do you like about the ones you prefer, and what do you not like about the ones you don't? See how fast they change. We believe in our audience.


If you play a baroque musical instrument, and can play largo, submit 3-10 minutes or more and we will publish it. call us for details. Practice or done in a formal setting. We need largo music.